Welcome To Rebel Studios

Are you tired of trying to figure out how to reach people online to let them know about your business? Has the confusion of trying to keep all the different social media channels, networks, analytic tools, and schedulers gotten to be too much for you to handle? Is the enormity of getting started making you long for the days when all you needed was a phone number and a listing in the Yellow Pages?

Creative — but no longer that effective

Or, worse yet — have you been burned by having hired some “social media marketing guru” who promised to recruit dozens of “brand ambassadors” for you and deliver all kinds of “viral content” and lots of other impressive-sounding feats but never actually delivered any results that increased your business’s income? Or have you been having trouble navigating all of the changes to the way that Facebook controls how your posts reach your intended audience?

Marketing Buzzword Bingo actually exists. This would get you three points.

Well, worry no more! Rebel Studios can help and without breaking your budget.

Other marketers might get you on a spam filter but not me.

Online Marketing
(Without the Spam)

Rebel Studios can help you with every and any aspect of online marketing from setting up a website to building an email list, making a Facebook page, claiming your Google+ page, monitoring your online reviews and reputation, advising on advertising strategies, designing campaigns, shooting and producing video HD content for YouTube… This really is a one-stop shop for everything related to online marketing.

And, with my rather…eclectic experience in the technical sphere, Rebel Studios has a bit of an inside view of how to avoid getting your business blacklisted as a spammer both by filtering programs, engineered algorithms, and by reputation!

This might look like a recipe for boredom to you but it's my idea of a fun weekend

Publicity, PR, and Content
(Cogito ergo scribo)

Not only can Rebel Studios set you up with your marketing strategies and advise you on how to reach your audience — no, I can also create your content for you.

That’s right. I can create your content. You provide me with some information, I provide you with well-written articles, press releases, blog entries, Facebook posts, ad slogans, television or radio scripts — whatever you need, I can provide!

Are you starting to see that I wasn’t joking about the whole “one-stop shop” thing?

No person too small, hairy, green, Jedi-ish, or Huttese

Services for Individuals
(Not Just Businesses)

I don’t just offer my services to businesses, though. I’m open to working with individuals.

Are you an author? I’ll be happy to discuss proofreading or editing your novel, short stories, or graphical work.

Are you a musician? I’ll be happy to discuss doing publicity for you!

Are you looking to get into online marketing, web design, game design, writing, Linux server administration, Doctor Who fandom, The Walking Dead fandom, social media, video editing, *insert other things you’ve seen me geeking out over here* and want to touch base with me about it? We can totally talk about it if you’re willing to pay!

If after hearing all of this, you’re interested in hearing more about what I can do to help you bring your business into the Digital Era, feel free to contact me, email me, call me at (601) 415-7332 or book an appointment online!

If, on the other hand, you still have more questions, feel free to look around at my different service packages, check out my CV and experience, visit my projects page to see things I have worked on in the past or am currently working on for clients, or browse my FAQs! If you still have questions, you can always contact me for more information — after all, it’s not like I’m difficult to find!